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Posaction® is an assistance program offered as an insurance benefit under your group insurance contract. For each policy year, insureds and their immediate family members can receive up to a total of twelve hours of face-to-face psychosocial counselling for family difficulties, work-related difficulties, personal problems or dependency problems. Telephone counselling is also available for legal or financial problems, or for difficulties associated with eldercare or childcare.

Examples of situations covered

Face-to-face Counselling

  • Family difficulties such as relationship issues, problems associated with a separation or divorce, marital conflicts, communication problems, parenting problems, etc.
  • Work-related difficulties such as stress, burnout, interpersonal problems with supervisors or co-workers, difficulties adjusting to change in duties, loss of interest in work, etc.
  • Personal problems such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, general anxiety, loss of motivation, loss of self-esteem, stress, overwork, depression, isolation, bereavement, etc.
  • Dependency problems such as abuse of alcohol, drugs or medication, compulsive gambling, Internet dependency, etc.

Telephone Counselling

  • Legal problems such as support on matters of family law, separation, divorce, child support and custody, etc.
  • Financial problems such as support with credit and debt management, bankruptcy, budget planning, financial aspects of divorce, etc.
  • Eldercare such as support and specific educational materials, assistance researching retirement homes, home care, psychological support, etc.
  • Childcare such as support and specific educational materials, assistance researching daycare and home daycare services, home care nursing, vacation camps, etc.